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The Eatingdisorder Association - earlier IKS - was founded in 1987 by women who had a personal history of eating disorders. Today, we are a nationwide organization with several local units and a substantial number of members. Everybody can be a member.  Our organization is a self-help. In our experience, it is very rewarding to meet people with similar problems for mutual support while working one's way out of the eating disorder. Self-help may be a supplement or an alternative to therapy.

Our aims are:

  • To support and aid people with an eating disorder, as well as their relatives and friends

  • To spread information about eating disorder, so that these will be taken seriously

  • To make the public health services establish adequate and wide-ranged treatment facilities

What we offers:

  • Support and information by phone or in person

  • Members' evenings

  • Self-help groups and parants- and spousegroups

  • Voluntary work

  • Weekend courses for our voluntary

  • Information about eating disorders

  • Personal answers to all letters and e-mails

  • Personal guidance

  • Website

Our local units:

  • Oslo/Akershus

  • Oppland

  • Trondheim

  • Tromsø

The Eatingdisorder Association

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